GLO is the first of many programs that is made specifically for women in the Bulletproof Community. GLO is a virtual, community driven experience for women promoting growth, leadership, and ownership by way of reading, studying, and discussing a particular book chosen for each of its volumes. Think "book club," but way cooler.
Each Volume will provide women the space to be themselves, to discuss their personal application in a safe space, and to connect with other women throughout the world. Each book will be chosen based off of the Bulletproof Mindset. Women will meet virtually, on ZOOM, once a week for 8 weeks. Each session will last approximately an hour and a half.
GLO can be paired simultaneously with any other Bulletproof program including 40 Bullets, Bulletproof Bootcamp, or Bulletproof Body Comp! If you feel as if you may grow best amongst a group of only women, this will be the perfect add-on to any program!

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